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Omg, this is such a sweet message and such a lovely idea! Thank you! 

Love and loyalty run deeper than blood.

Happy DVD/Blu-Ray release date US fans!


Amazon: DVD/Blu-Ray

Target: DVD/Blu-Ray(Blu-Ray is being delayed at Target, FYI)

Walmart: DVD/Blu-Ray

Fan video that was submitted to me


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actually, BP is my favourite VA book. I love the new characters we get, especially the ones we get to keep, and even though the ending could be quite sad, it just made me so excited for Spirit Bound, it was insane :)

Whoa, Blood Promise is your favorite…you must be one tough cookie! hahaha, jk! I agree the ending is very sad and your right the characters and adventures are not only a huge set up for Spirit Bound but also the Bloodlines series, which I’m completely in looove with!!

I’m not a warrior or a goddess,” I said at last.
Adrian leaned closer. “As far as I’m concerned, you’re both.

Anonymous: I just wanted to say, that Rose is probably one of my favourite fictional characters ever. I really love how she doesn't act differently around Dimitri like some people do around guys they like. She doesn't change her habits for anyone and I really admire Richelle Mead for writing her like that. Rose has definitely inspired me to be myself and not what other people want me to be.

I completely agree and I think it’s awesome that you’ve been so inspired! I too have been inspired by Rose in many ways! 


Vampire Academy Meme

6 quotes (1/6): ‘You’ve been kissed by shadows. You’ve crossed over into death, into the other side, and returned. Don’t you think that leaves a mark on the soul somewhere?’