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  Danila Kozlovsky    cast  
  Danila Kozlovsky    cast  

Ok everyone, it’s finally time for me to go see the movie! I’m going with my friend, who also read VA, and we are dragging a bunch of her cousins with us. (More viewers=Frostbite!) I just can’t believe it’s finally release day this has been a long time coming!


Zoey Deutch at the Arsenio Hall Show (x x )

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Vampire Academy is out in (North America) theatres today!

This is Vampire Academy

zoey and danila at the premiere of vampire academy

  Zoey Deutch    Danila Kozlovsky    cast  

Danila talking about Zoey at the ‘Vampire Academy’ Los Angeles Premiere

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Lucy and I, strangely enough, have a very similar relationship in real life to the relationship in the film.

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